"Your coaching was really helpful, it made me so much more confident in my interviews. I wholeheartedly recommend SprayCoaching. Five Stars." 

Psychology graduate getting back into Employment after Mental Health treatment

"It has been very noticeable that she is more confident at board meetings, ready with comments and points she wants to make and consequently appears more engaged. The coaching has been a real success - just wish we'd done it sooner."

Chair of Housing Association Board about coaching of a Resident Board Member

"I'd be in a totally different place had I not gone through the coaching process with Wendy. She provided what I needed to make a significant decision which changed my life direction. Going back to Cornwall and completing a degree, something I never thought possible."

Community Development Worker wanting to make significant life changes

"From the pool of coaches at work, I chose Wendy Spray. Wendy's approachable and calm style put me at ease and I felt confident to discuss the problems I needed to resolve openly as a result. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who has a coaching requirement."

Customer Services Manager

"The coaching was great. You made me believe I could get and more importantly do this job." 

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Wiltshire Citizens Advice

"Fantastically helpful. Made a real difference to how I feel about things."

Professor at London School of Economics

"I really find it helpful to get an opportunity to talk through my ideas, share my doubts, and begin going through them in a more constructive manner"

Academic who has completed his PhD and considering his next career move

"Wendy is one of the most calming and confidence-inspiring people I have met. She works a kind of magic - she doesn't give you the answers, but helps you find them for yourself. She uses practical tools, but mainly talks with you and asks questions that draw you into new ways of thinking about your old problems. After three sessions I was thinking more clearly and had developed a very practical action plan."

Housing Team Leader